Civil Engineering

Trading since 1979, CC Cousins as over 35 years’ experience in...

Civil Engineering
  • Concrete repairs
  • New concrete bays
  • Road planning
  • Complete road construction
  • Block-paving
  • Addagrip (anti-skid)
  • Kerb replacement
  • Footpaths
  • Full excavations and alterations
We always work within Health & Safety guidelines with strict company procedures in place.


Drainage is never a problem until it stops working. All drainage systems need emptying and cleaning on a regular basis to maintain an efficient service.
Scale, silt, fat and petroleum based products inevitably accumulate in drainage systems. We can provide the following processes to prevent these materials from accumulating and creating problems.
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Tanker vacuuming
  • Electro-mechanical cleaning
Other supporting drainage services that we can provide to maintain your sites include:
  • CCTV Surveys - DVD and report findings are provided, along with recommendations for repairs or remedial action
  • Pipe lining and root removal - usually highlighted from a CCTV survey
  • Utility excavations and reinstatements
  • Interceptors, settlement tanks and cess pits emptied and cleaned
Planned Preventative Maintenance is the best way to reduce call-outs for blockages. As part of a scheduled facilities management agreement, we can attend sites regularly to empty and clean your estates drainage systems including all storm and foul systems, including gullies, sub surface lines, Aco channels and down pipes.
Our fully trained staff can regularly empty, clean and repair any type of rain catchments. Again this can be programmed to prevent water discharging into your tenant’s demise areas or down the building fabric.

Street Furniture

Our in-house civil engineering teams can supply and install the following items to increase the security of your manned or unmanned site:
  • Static or collapsible bollards.
  • Traffic flow directional plates.
  • Speed humps.
  • Crash barriers.
  • All types of fencing.
  • Lamp posts.
The application of correct road markings provides direction to the public entering your estates. Correct lining is essential to avoid confusion and accidents.


With vast experience in this field, CC Cousins can be on hand to deal with your immediate surfacing and resurfacing requirements, from small repairs to major new surfacing works. We can advise on the best types of materials available to provide you with the best solution for your specific needs.
We frequently carry out works on car parks and service roads, however, CC Cousins operatives also hold the Street Works qualification allowing us to work on public highways.


CC Cousins, Eagle House, Sir Thomas, Longley Road, Rochester, Kent. ME2 4DU



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Please note that any quote for services provided by CC Cousins Limited does not constitute an admission or acceptance of liability on behalf of the company for any part of the site subject to the proposed works. CC Cousins Limited will not be liable for any damage, loss, or injury caused at the site prior to the commencement of the works. Where the quote for services includes works at multiple areas of the site, CC Cousins Limited will not be liable for any damage, loss, or injury caused at any part of the site prior to the commencement of works at that part of the site.